We at TAX SMART know that your life is full of tasks that have to be completed and filing your tax return isn't at the top of the list or one of your favorites. While we can't make it go away, we can make the process definitely easier. We offer a full line up of services:

DROP OFF SERVICE - Leave your tax documents with us and we will prepare your tax return and call you to schedule a time for you to come in an finalize before we file it.

SUPPORT - We are open year round to help you. If you receive a letter from the IRS regarding your taxes, we can help you respond to it. If you need copies of your tax return, call us. We can help you with all matters regarding the IRS and taxes, even if you are not a client.

FREE ELECTRONIC FILING - If you pay us to prepare your tax return, we will e-file it free of charge with the IRS and for those States that accept e-filing.

REFUND OPTIONS - Direct deposit into the bank of choice or check mailed from the IRS campus servicing your tax state.

GUARANTEE - You will always get TAX SMART's Accuracy Guarantee at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We take pride in providing you with an accuate tax return, however data-entry transpositions can happen and if we made a data entry error or did not include information your provided us we will cover the penalty and interest the IRS may apply on your return.

AMENDMENTS - If you find that you forgot to include income or expenses we can go back and amend your tax return by filing a 1040X.

TAX RESOLUTION - If you receive letters from the IRS or Your State regarding taxes owed we are here to help resolve those issues by communicating directly with the IRS or State Agencies for you.


* Bookkeeping and Payroll

* Tax planning and consulting

* Quarterly report (Forms 941, State Unemployment)

* End of the year reporting (Form 940, W-2, 1099-Misc)

* Accounting

* Small Business start-up consulting

Please call us for an appointment to discuss pricing for services .